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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pressure Canning ... I DID IT!

Don't know why, but I feared it more than I needed to.  Guess I was afraid I'd screw it up, but everything turned out wonderfully.  

However, true to what I've read you do need to stay nearby to keep an eye on the pressure and keep it at whatever pressure you need for wherever you leave.  I am high altitude so it was 13 psi ... so what did I do while I had to keep doing that, as I was not going to stand in the kitchen for 90 plus minutes and stare at it ... I cleaned all the rooms around the kitchen.  Sparkle and shine baby!!!!

I found a nice London Broil and bought that, some fresh white mushrooms, a package of Polish Sausages and a Beef Roast.  I didn't do the beef roast yet.  

I did chunk up the London broil and fill my jars and one I did with mushrooms.  Also did 2 jars of mushrooms, although after they were done and shrunk up, kinda funny looking jar.  And I sliced the sausages in half and canned those in a wide mouth jar.  

90 plus minutes later, here they are.  No broken jars, no destroyed kitchen and they have all pinged.  

 Mushrooms (far left) followed by London Broil with Mushrooms and then London Broil and Polish Sausages on far right.
 Mushrooms ... they shrink ... have to figure out how to cram more in the jar.
 London Broil Chunks, these are going to be good with brown gravy and noodles.
Polish Sausages ... Yum ... 

Yes the jars look "ughy" but ... tomorrow ... 24 hours later, I can wash them before storing them.

Can't wait for my next adventure.  

Have a good weekend.

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  1. I've always been the same as you a little afraid of it. I may have to actually give it a whirl!

    Thanks for following, I'm your newest follower :)